Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not Designated So Yongki Permanent Captain

Although not yet officially designated by the coach Alfred Riedl, Yongki Aribowo admitted striker is ready to become a permanent national team captain Indonesia Pre-Olympics.

Yongki became captain Indonesia Pre-Olympic trials while serving the last two against Pelita Jaya U-21 + and Hong Kong U-23 national team. Arema FC striker had done their job well.

Although it has been believed to be the captain of the team in two matches these trials, Yongki position as captain to deal with Turkmenistan in the first leg Pre-Olympics, February 23, 2011, not yet safe.

Because the 21-year striker claimed not formally appointed by Riedl as permanent captain Indonesia Pre-Olympic squad.

"If appointed directly (to captain) by the coach, not yet. If the trial yesterday twice (versus Pelita Jaya U-21 + and the Hong Kong U-23) I was a captain, but if appointed as a captain on this team, I think not, "Yongki said after morning practice on Field C, Senayan, Wednesday, February 16, 2011.

Although there is no official designation by Riedl, Yongki said ready to accept the burden as the team captain.

"I do not feel the burden when appointed to be a captain. Before I ever became a captain in junior team only. If the senior team as now, I have not. I'm ready to be captain of this team, 'said Yongki.
Yongki is one of the players who are called Riedl of the Indonesian national team AFF Cup 2010 with goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga. Besides Yongki, Meiga also have an opportunity to captain the team. Other names which are likely midfielder Melgiansyah Egi, who several times became captain Pelita Jaya Karawang.

Riedl had earlier vowed to appoint the captain and two representatives to deal with Turkmenistan.

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