Sunday, February 13, 2011

Safee Come in, kick Pelita Two Players

Malaysia national team attacker, Mohd Safee Mohd Sali is not the last player who will be brought Pelita Jaya Karawang in the second round of Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2011.

Pelita Jaya success of the club get Safee Malaysia, Selangor FC, after going through the negotiations and the findings of the Pelita Jaya management to face a second round of ISL.

The evaluation results, said manager Pelita Jaya, Then Mara, showed that Pelita need striker like Safee Sali, because of known weaknesses of the team were made by Mischa Radovic final settlement made their front line.

"If the first-round match statistical data, we (Pelita Jaya) is always in control of ball position. Shoot on target we are also good, but our finishing was not good," said Mara told Then, Monday, February 14, 2011.

The arrival of top scorer in the AFF Cup 2010, expected to overcome the problem of front-line Pelita Jaya in the second round later. However, Lalu Mara admitted Safee is not the last player who was brought Pelita Jaya to face the second round.

"The results of our evaluation also showed a duet central defender became one of the weaknesses of the team. Many of the goals that should not happen. Our central defender like Abdul Rahman is still too young. Our foreign players (Yuichi Shibakoya) contribute less, 'said So Mara.

"With this condition, like it or not we should bring in two central defenders at once. We are looking for a central defender with experience who can guide our young players, but still the process of negotiation,"said So Mara without the express coveted players Pelita Jaya.

Meanwhile, the advent Safee Sali make Pelita Jaya must cross out two players, and chances are, word Then Mara, two players from Japan, ie, Tomoyuki Sakai and Yuichi Shibakoya to be expelled from the team.

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