Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naturalization Young Player Kill Local Talent

Policies Board of the National Team (BTN) conducted a naturalization of foreign players get excoriation. The policy was judged to kill thousands of young talent that spread across the archipelago.

"Naturalization young players are not appropriate for Indonesia's future development of football," said Chairman of the Schools Football Association of Indonesia (ASSBI), J. Taufik Effendi, in a discussion entitled "Get Back Football Indonesia Through SSB" in Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday, April 12, 2011 .

Citing data from BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics), Taufik said there are about 17 million young people in Indonesia are a few percent can be developed into a talented soccer player. "If the government always to do naturalized players, want where young player talent?" Taufik said wondering.

Previously, after completing the naturalization Diego Michiels, Ruben Wuarbanaran and Joey Suk, BTN kept trying to speed up the process of naturalization candidates other six players. Diego, Reuben and Joey, has officially become an Indonesian Citizen (WNI) after obtaining an Indonesian passport. All three are even confirmed as part of the Indonesia U-23 National team squad who will compete in the SEA Games in 2011, November.

Technical Deputy BTN, Faith Arif, confirmed his party is still trying to accelerate the process of naturalization six other players. Lilipaly Stefano, John Van Beukering, Sergio van Dijk, Tonny Cussel, and two players who currently play in the Indonesia Super League (ISL), Victor Igbonefo (Persipura / Nigeria) and Greg Nwokolo (Persija / Nigeria).

Lilipaly, Van Beukering, Van Dijk and Cussel a Dutch player of Indonesian descent who had entered a long list of naturalization BTN. While the naturalization process Greg Nwokolo and Victor Igbonefo relatively new.

Taufik rate, the young players naturalization of by the BTN is the way the government achieve maximum results in quick time without seeing the long-term program. "Everyone thinks the sooner the better. So the board is served at this time should always target the champion quickly without looking at the long-term development"explained Taufik.

He added that the only proper naturalization done to strengthen the senior national team, not for the junior national team. "If for the senior national team, may be naturalized. But do not for the U-23 national team"said Taufik.

According to Taufik, naturalization for the senior national team is something that is commonplace and often conducted by a number of countries. "Japan also did that for nine years, but not for the junior team" said Taufik.

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