Friday, February 4, 2011

Surprisingly, the French national team Koscielny Entrance

French team called Lurent Koscielny to follow the preparations for the Brazilian coach in the friendly match next February 9, 2011. Sure it's a surprise for the Arsenal central defender.

The reason is, players born 25 years ago is the only newcomer in the squad, which previously was not too special in the selection phase.

Koscielny itself will be a new face in the squad Blanc. Calling defender who always occupy the main squad that season the Gunners will complement the beautiful weekend. Previously, he became Arsenal's decisive victory over Everton.

However, Koscielny calling it no doubt be debated separately in English Premier League. Many consider calling it satire French Football Federation (FFF) to their former captain who also played in the English Premier League, Patrice Evra who just does not make the French squad line-ups.

Moreover, Patrice ever for France before and had been captain of the French team. Election Koscielny obvious because succeeded in attracting the attention of the coach after securing a regular place in the fleet of the Gunners.

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