Thursday, February 17, 2011

U.S. journalists in Bursa Maju FIFA Presidential Candidate

Presidential candidates for the upcoming FIFA Exchange will enlivened many circles. One of the highlights is the rapid advancement of a journalist from the United States into world football's presidential election.

In a Sports Illustrated article titled "It's time for someone to depose Sepp Blatter as FIFA's leaders", journalist Grant Wahl announced that he intends to run for President of FIFA.

Wahl campaigning for himself as 'outsiders' FIFA, with the slogan 'Cure Blatter infection'.

Wahl also doubted that any other Presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam of Qatar, which is an 'insider' FIFA. He doubted the involvement of Hammam able to tackle Blatter, who championed the top bid for a seat that world soccer organization for the fourth time.

"It has long been fans around the world protest to Blatter, but without providing an alternative successor. No doubt, FIFA need a change," Wahl wrote in his article, quoted Goal.

FIFA Presidential election will be elected by member states, where each country has one vote. Wahl order to advance, then one member state should be recommended on 1 April.

Besides Walf which is a new name, the current FIFA President, Sepp Blater, also ran back to the President for the fourth time, on June 1 next election.

Here is the promise offered by Wahl if he was elected President of FIFA for the next period:

1. Screening reruns, if the referee in doubt whether the ball has passed the goal line or not. So as not goes wrong like the case of Frank Lampard in the 2010 World Cup.

2. There is no restriction referees per country in the World Cup, to ensure all the best referees taking part in the grand competition. The referee is also required to explain the controversial decision to the media after the match.

3. Uninstalling shirt while celebrating a goal can not be charged more yellow cards.

4. The Secretary General will be as a woman.

5. All internal documents leaked to the public FIFA would [like style Wikileaks] and conduct an external investigation to look for acts of corruption in the body FIFA.

6. FIFA president would be limited term of office, namely a maximum of two times the term of office.

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