Friday, February 11, 2011

Wenger not Want Think Manchester Derby

If any team's most looking forward to the outcome of the Manchester derby, it could be that team is Arsenal. The Gunners are a team that Manchester United's most threatening position at the top of the standings.

Arsenal is currently in second place. With 50 points, Arsene Wenger's troops to within 4 digits only of MU in the first rank.

A draw or defeat for United in the derby will be a benefit for Arsenal. Robin van Persie and his friends can cut the difference in numbers. Moreover, Arsenal will host a weak team, Wolves.

Wenger asked his troops to focus on their own game. Securing points at home is a major priority.

"Derby is not going to affect us. We have seen how the Wolves beat Manchester United. Every club in the Premier League is a threat to other teams," said Wenger.

Party's Manchester derby will be played a few hours before the match Arsenal counter-Wolves. Wolves themselves now have high confidence following the success they beat Manchester United last week.

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