Monday, March 28, 2011

PSSI chaos, National Team Program Not Bothered

Although the management crisis hit PSSI, national team programs certainly will continue. National training established will run as scheduled.
This is revealed by Faith Arif, Deputy Head of the Technical Board of the National Team to VIVAnews, Tuesday, March 29, 2011. He explained that the Red and White squad will try to concentrate on technical matters of football.

"Today is an assistant coach and physiotherapist will be to Batujajar, Bandung, to undergo a character formation program that the agenda Satlak Prima (Indonesia Programme Implementation Units Gold). If the new players join the SEA Games team 30 April next," said Faith.

Faith explained coach Alfred Riedl know the latest developments facing the PSSI. "He's being professional. To be sure, he would not want that national training schedule changed by the government," said Faith.

Nearest Focus team is a SEA Games to follow the AFF U-23 Cup. This tournament will be held in July 2011 in Kilkenny. Later this team will begin to gather 25 April to conduct health checks and then went to Austria to train on May 14.

About to whom later on squad, including Riedl, will report on the program and his work, Faith states would not give a damn. According to him, he will provide information about what is happening in the national team to all parties.
"This question is somewhat difficult to answer. But this way, we will report to all people, to the general chairman, Satlak Prima, KONI also. We are his 'father' a lot," said Faith. He laughed when reminded that the current general chairman of KONI was a woman.

Yesterday, the government through Menegpora Andi Mallarangeng announced the decision to no longer recognize the stewardship of PSSI under the leadership of Nurdin Halid, and all sports activities organized by the current management of PSSI.

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