Tuesday, April 19, 2011

About National Team, Irfan Wait Official Calls

Persema Malang Striker, Irfan Bachdim hoping to rejoin the Indonesia national team. Desire Irfan also received support from the Persema coach, Timo Schuenemann.

"I longed to join the national team like yesterday, making goals, and celebrate the victory," said Irfan to VIVAnews, Monday, April 19, 2011.

Irfan was ever defending senior national team at AFF Cup 2010. But coach Alfred Riedl has decided not to call again to reinforce the U-23 national team Pre Olimpiad projection and SEA Games in 2011.

Riedl decision could not be separated from the choice Irfan to playing in the Indonesia Premier League (LPI) with Persema. At that time, LPI is still yet to receive recognition and are considered illegal by the PSSI under the stewardship of Nurdin Halid.

Opportunities Irfan back open after PSSI was taken over by the Committee for Normalization (KN). Committee headed by Agum Gumelar was then decided to put the LPI under the control of PSSI.

Caps are also now under the control of Indonesia Gold Programme Implementation Units (Satlak Prima). Chairman, Tono Suratman also has signaled to the calling Irfan to timas SEA Games in 2011.

"If the letter came calling, I welcome and enthusiastic. Many asked me when I rejoined the national team, now that I do is give our best to Persema, could win the LPI," said Irfan.

Persema Coach, Timo Schuenemann also supports Irfan back to defend the national team. But the German coach admits she still awaiting the official call letters in order to release these players.

"An official letter has not arrived yet, but I know most likely yes. Irfan will join it so. I let him. The club is for the national team, because LPI has been below the national team, I am sure Irfan can join," said Timo.

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