Tuesday, April 5, 2011

APBD Proposed Stop For Professional Club

Corruption Eradication Commission and the Ministry of the Interior agreed, the practice of disbursement of Local Government Revenues and Expenditures for the football club to be stopped. The agreement was welcomed by Minister of Youth and Sports Andi Mallarangeng who attended the meeting.

"LPI could walk without a APBD, why LSI not can ?" Andi said after the meeting with the Commission, Wednesday, April 5, 2011, it. LPI is the Indonesian Premier League, while the Indonesian Super League LSI is managed directly by PSSI.

However Menpora hope cessation APBD allocation is only for professional football clubs only. "We suggest that if indeed there should be a balance (among other sports), cessation of budget funds from 2012 only to professional football clubs, "says Andi Mallarangeng.

While the use of APBD funds for the development of sport at amateur level is still very much needed. "If an amateur club, school football, school league, we still need a APBD to build facilities and infrastructure of football," said Andi.

Previously, the Commission released a study since early 2011 on the use of APBD funds for club football. Based on the study, the Commission assess the use of APBD funds for the football club during this often violates the principle of public financial management.

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