Friday, April 1, 2011

Chelsea Want Clean Sweep Remaining Matches

Chelsea Distance with leader the standings Premiere League, Manchester United is still quite far away. But the rise of the Blues recently made ​​her coach, Carlo Ancelotti believes his team still had a chance to defend his title.

Chelsea still in third place standings with 54 points from 29 matches. Following Arsenal in second place with 54 points. While the peak position is still held Manchester United with 63 points from 30 matches.

Chelsea still leaves nine games anymore. To reach the championship, the Blues by Ancelotti must not fail again in wash points, termasik when come to the Stoke City headquarters, Saturday, April 2, 2011.

"The players believe (Chelsea can still win) and it was very good," said Ancelotti was quoted as

"This means they have the motivation to play the game by game. Nine points is not easy. They were not close enough, but we still have a chance. To open the opportunity we have to win the whole game," he continued.

"Manchester United will not be able to reach 9 wins if we can can do it because they still have to meet us. However, if they win seven or eight, they will gain the title. That we could not prevent. But for any team, made ​​a mistake would be very dangerous. It is not us alone, "said Ancelotti.

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