Monday, April 4, 2011

"Child the City" Wanted Regional Teams

Persija U-21 had been confirmed not qualify for the last 6 large but in terms of games, children play city desperate for a victory in their cage. It must be admitted preparation Persija U-21's had experienced some problems. Starting from the turn of the coach to not dipenuhinnya the rights of players. After ISL U-21 competition end, Persija players U-21 will return to internal club Persija. Some players are already in demand by several teams from the major division or divisions 1. "after this probably will play in the Padang, there are clubs interested there with my staff" called one of Persija players U-21, Arief Dwi to Jak Online.

This means that the power of city kids are in demand by some local teams, as we know, alumni Persija U-21 is always circulated in various competitions in Indonesia. According to Online Jak records, names such as Rama Pratama, Firman Septian and Adixi nowadays is a courtier in the primary divisions teams like Pro Duta (Rama) and Persitara (Firman) and Adixi which rose to a team-PON Pre DKI, even reportedly Adixi enthused to join the senior team Persija. The most successful name is Kipuw Hashim and Abdul Hamid Mony that both had entered the Indonesian national team selection U-23, Kipuw currently at Persija senior team while Hamid had starting entered the Persiba Balikpapan line-up. There is also a success through the futsal, like Randhyas the courtier Harimau Rawa and Indonesia futsal team.

When the preparation of Young Tigers run well, it is not possible a few years Persija no longer need to buy less expensive players with labeled stars. Given the fact that the built Persija teams spread across the region was as a proof that city kids can compete and not a moment mugkin not they deserve to return to Jakarta

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