Friday, April 8, 2011

Jak Mania Central Board Holds Meeting With Media

Responding to the news which is considered disproportionate to the Jakmania in several local and national media concerning the incident on 2 home game Persija on March 31, 2011 and 6 April 2011 yesterday, the Central Board of The Jakmania on Friday afternoon, April 8, had a meeting with the media at the secretariat of The Jakmania who participated also attended by Jak Online at Lebak Bulus stadium in South Jakarta, who chaired by the Chairman of The Jakmania, Lariko Ranggamone which also was attended by the board of The Daily Jakmania issued a statement as follows:

Jakmania parties apologized to the residents of Jakarta and the aggrieved party of the riot yesterday, and Jakmania will take action against members who do the vandalism of yesterday's action and will not Jakmania mentoleril people who commit acts of law, and carry sharp weapons, etc.

4 people who did vandalism and 8 people caught carrying a weapon did not have the KTA The Jakmania after being questioned at police stations with the oldest age range was 19 years old and has been detained at the police station in Central Jakarta. Regarding the damage caused to the police post, this is already spoken to the GBK manager and will be completed together with the GBK manager and Organizing Committee of Persija.

The incident yesterday has nothing to do with Persija match results, considering the Jakmania already 2 times earned tittle of the best supporters, so be stressed once again that what happened yesterday was not because meresponds Persija match as the flare was reported by the media.

The Jakmania also will improve safety, both from korlap or from the police, Police Poldan and local police when Persija held a game, and hopefully what happened yesterday does not reduce Jakmania image in the eyes of the citizens of Jakarta.

Call for members Jakmania also presented so as not to have to come to the stadium if you do not have tickets and are not coordinated by Korwil respectively.

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