Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lose, Chonburi complaining Hot Weather in Jayapura

hot weather in Jayapura distract the team from Thailand, Chonburi FC. On match day Wednesday, April 13, 2011, they lost 0-3 from Persipura host.

"Temperatures are hot in the first half to make the concentration of the players affected. And this condition can be utilized either by Persipura so direct a 2-0 lead," said Chonburi FC Coach, Wittaya Laohakul told reporters after the match.

He added in the second half the concentration of the players began to return after the air temperature dropped. His team managed to control the game, but brilliant goalkeeper Yoo Jae Hoon, a wicket Persipura was not also conceded.

"I think star this time is a Persipura goalkeeper. He managed to do rescue a few times and we were not lucky, even not can scored goal again,''he said.

Although the field is the star said Yoo Jae-hoo, but Chonburi coach still recognizes the ability of Boas Solossa incredible. "The player number two is incredible, do not score goals but are able to create some chances," he said.

Wittaya Laohakul admit the game is good enough and Persipura is a good team, both about the collectivity as well as the ability of the players. Nevertheless, he believes Chonburi will be able to reply to this defeat, when playing in Thailand on April 26, 2011. "I am optimistic about when playing in our country, must win," he said.

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