Friday, April 15, 2011

Mancini's Do not take Dizziness Who the Striker

Manchester City certainly can not be reinforced by their key bombers in the semi-final FA Cup. Facing Manchester United on Saturday, April 16, 2011, Carlos Tevez could not lowered due to a hamstring injury.

City Manager, not sure who will play as a starter. There are two choices that really sharp but less consistent.

"No matter who will play later. The important thing is we can win," said Mancini.

There's Mario Balotelli. No one has ever doubted his talent. However tempramennya a 'hot' often make the game a mess.

This time the City needed someone to perform brilliantly in a match that is very important as the game later. Brat who can get a red card for a foul that 'not important' is the last thing not needed City.

City also had Edin Dzeko. Unfortunately the striker is also not convincing. He still have to break down dead end to score. Against United is a good time for Dzeko to change his fortunes.

"If we can pass to the final and become champions plus qualify for the Champions League, the mentality of this team will change," said Mancini.

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