Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Menpora: Respect Whatever FIFA Decision

Chairman of the Committee of Normalization (KN) PSSI, Agum Gumelar after meeting with FIFA President, Joseph Blatter in FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland confirmed that the Normalization Committee should remain based on the FIFA letter dated April 4 with the related implementation PSSI Congress.

The results of such decisions, Agum Gumelar called on all parties to respect the decision of FIFA.

The same thing was conveyed by Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Andi Mallarangeng who asked all parties to abide by what was decided by FIFA later.

"FIFA rules should be respected. If it all goes well attended and, Insha Allah willing PSSI formed a credible stewardship," said Andi Mallarangeng Affairs office, Senayan, Wednesday, April 20, 2011.

Regarding the rejection of the plan is carried by 78 votes against the decision of FIFA's owner, Andi said, "I do not have wished first. Anyway, we hope all goes well according to the rules until Congress manifested by well established and new management,"said Andi.

Andi also expect chaotic in the electoral process Ketum PSSI can be completed by athlete coaching aspect. "Hopefully it will finish, let me focus on coaching so he could reach football achievements at the global level. If you continue to take care of our board will not be able to focus on care of coaching" hope Andi.

Regarding the attendance Agum with FIFA, Andi describes himself not to know completely. Because not received direct information from Agum Gumelar.

"The plan, after returning to the homeland, (Agum Gumelar) will meet in person with me and will deliver immediate," said Andi.

Earlier, Vice Chairman of the Selection Committee which was formed through 'spontaneous congress', Vishnu Ward, insists will continue, regardless of FIFA's decision.

Vishal confirms will continue performing their duties, including if FIFA does not endorse Election Committee and Appeals Committee in the congress at the Sultan Hotel.

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