Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moldova referee Get Murder Threat

Two of the best Maldova referees, Vladislav Ivanchenko and Sidorenko Gennady received death threats. The threat is also addressed to their families.

Due to the threat, two referee names that are licensed FIFA referee decided to end his career as a judge in the field.

The reason for his resignation because Ivanchenko also saw the threat has led to the family, so he decided to immediately stop.

"The threat is already the second time. Through the threat, I was told if I did not follow certain instructions in the match between Rapid and Dacia Chisinau, something will happen to my family," said Ivanchenko told his threat in an interview with local media on Tuesday, 19 April 2011.

"I've told this to the national football federation about my decision to quit," he continued.

The same is also disclosed Sidorenko, who claimed to have the threat of his wife and children would be killed in front of his house. He immediately asked for his wife and daughter to not leave the house.

The emergence of this threat to make the police act with an investigation. The four clubs involved in the match, led by two referees are also questioning.

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