Friday, April 22, 2011

Persija U-18 Update

While Persija senior team to undergo training in preparation for action "Home" in GOR Ciracas, East Jakarta, Persija U-18 team also made ​​preparations for the Suratin Cup in 2011 in GOR Ceger who is also in East Jakarta.

Note Persija U-18 at last year's Suratin Cup practically good enough. Persija U-18 and Villa 2000 represent DKI Jakarta after becoming champion 2 regional Suratin Cup Jakarta. It was Persija U-18 lost in the finals of the Villa 2000 which became a regional champion of DKI Jakarta and eventually became champions Suratin Cup 2010.

Persija U-18 players last year also contributed to Indonesia SAD U-17, namely Dolly Gultom. Darling U-18 Persija performance last year should be stopped in round II, held at the stadium Sriwedari, Solo, having previously won the group on the first round held in the city of Malang.

This year seems to Persija want to perform better in national junior competition, after Persija Under-21 did not qualify for the 6 large U-21 ISL, Persija starting selection for U-18 team early. Selection of the first players held in Banteng Field. Players who are selected are the best players in his age group drawn from internal clubs Persija and also SSB-SSB in Jakarta.

Training camp was held at GOR Ceger, East Jakarta with a calm consideration so that the fit for the junior team training camp. There are about 40 players who will be re-selected by the team who re-trained by Yuswardi and Rohili.
 n the monitoring JO crew, U-18 training focus is currently the team physical which is the majority are new faces, only 4-5 people left from last year's team. "focus today is physically, let alone go back to start a from scratch" said Yuswardi.

So far U-18 team did not perform too many tests in addition to improving physical player, Yuswardi was not focusing on strategies to compete. U-18 exercise routine done on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon.

Getting started is deliberately proposed by Yuswardi so that they would not be too narrow in preparing Suratin Cup team because the schedule is not clear from PSSI. With the earlier preparation is expected to U-18 Persija team this year could provide the level of achievement in the national junior back for Persija.

Moreover, long enough Persija U-18 did not offer a degree in Suratin Cup. Persija U-18 last time you log onto the national Suratin Cup final in 2000 when the Persija U-18 team must recognize the benefits of U-18 East Persija in a dramatic race penalty.

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