Friday, April 22, 2011

Persijap targeting First Away Victory

The first away victory was a target Persijap Jepara in the face of Bontang FC in Indonesia continued Super League (ISL) at the Taman Prestasi Stadium, Saturday, April 23, 2011.

Persijap is a team with the worst record in the arena ISL away games this season. Of the 12 who passed away games, 11 of which led to the defeat. While only one point from away games can Persijap is when holding a 1-1 draw Persisam Putra Samarinda, last week.

Laskar Kalinyamat Team chance to end it with a bad record deal with the caretaker team, Bontang FC. Moreover, the home team also had a pretty bad record of the cage. Of the last four home games, Bontang FC swallow three defeats and a draw.

These conditions make the coach Persijap, Suimin Diharja, optimistic his team with a chance of an away win for the first time this season.

"Losing on away games? We've too often. Draw? have ever been, even once. We just have not dedicated the victory. If it be, let's call this record as our major motivation in Bontang," said Suimin as reported site.

To deal with Bontang, Persijap will strengthen the middle row and back line with a 4-5-1 formation. This is to anticipate the absence of three midfielders Jose Sebastian, Anam Syahrul and Johan Juansyah because of accumulated yellow cards.

Enjang Rohiman and Bona Simanjuntak will duet became the anchor midfield, supported by Nurul Huda as right wing and Risky Novriansyah on the left. Beto Goncalves will most likely be slightly pulled back to shore, Noor Hadi as the sole attacker.

The host himself did not have a problem in the composition of players. Coach Fachri Husaini can reduce the best strength to face Persijap. Suimin assess Bontang captain, Ali Khadafi be a player who should be wary by Persijap.

"The brain and the motor of this team, yes Khaddafi. He must be turned off before entering the area of ​​our defense. Who is near, be man to man. Khaddafi must be turned off in the middle of the field, it is mandatory,"said Suimin.

Although still in position to notch the 11th with 24 points, but still prone Persijap enter the play-off zone. While still in position Bontang distended with a notch 12 points from 20 matches.

Players Forecast

Bontang FC : Ade Mochtar; Arifki Eka Putra, Marcelino Mandagi, Handi Hamzah, Arbadin; Sathosi Otomo, Khaddafi Ali, Usman, Istigfar; Kenji Adachihara, Emile Mbamba.

Persijap Jepara
: M Yasir; Chess hurdles, Evaldo Silva, Kasiadi, Danan Puspito; Enjang Rohiman, Bona Simanjuntak, Risky Novriansyah, Nurul Huda, Beto Goncalves; Noor Hadi.

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