Saturday, April 2, 2011

Riedl: About National Team, Wait in Jakarta

Disputes that hit PSSI has spread down projection to the SEA Games 2011 squad. Still, coach Alfred Riedl is currently still in Austria do not dare to comment on it.

"It makes no sense when I answered questions about the situation of the national team as long as I have not been back to Jakarta," Riedl said in his email reply to JAC Sport News, Saturday, April 2, 2011.

"I need to know the whole situation of football that happened in Indonesia a new I will comment," he continued.

Disputes that hit PSSI joined spread to U-23 national team. Because, after freezing the PSSI under the stewardship of Nurdin Halid, Menpora Andi Mallarangeng, also called for U-23 national team handled directly by the Implementation Units Indonesia Gold Programme (Satlak Prima).

Under Satlak Prima, the national team is expected to undergo many changes. Start of contract players and coaches, to players who will strengthen the composition of Indonesia in the SEA Games 2011.

Satlak Prima, Maj. Gen. Tono Suratman recently made ​​the comments which annulled the decision about the players who competed Indonesia Premier League (LPI). Tono plans to summon three players LPI, namely Irfan Bachdim, Kim Kurniawan and Andik Vermansyah.

This step, of course, contrary to previous Riedl decision. Austria coach had emphatically refused to summon the players who competed in the competitions that are not under the control of PSSI.

Of this, Riedl also not willing to give his comments. Riedl plans to return to Indonesia on April 20, 2011.

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