Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stay Forward, George Toisutta Will Hold FIFA

Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Toisutta again insisted he will not withdraw from the nomination of the Candidate Will PSSI chairman. He will remain consistent with what has been presented previously.

"I remain consistent with what ever I have to say. When trusted to lead the PSSI, I will not run away from that mandate," said George Toisutta in a meeting with the Group of 78 in Hotel Sultan, 27 April 2011.

Although, George admitted difficult to determine that there are two options before him. First, if you keep moving forward, the threat of Fifa sanctions will continue to haunt, while having to withdraw, then Indonesia is spared from sanctions. "Like a simalakama fruit," said Toisutta.

However, with its strong intention, George Toisutta decided to keep moving forward. While the step to avoid FIFA sanctions threat to Indonesia, he will perform intensive communication to FIFA. "We're ahead, but we still coupled with FIFA to communicate, to explain the current condition of PSSI," added Toisutta.

Toisutta said, the issue of sanctions imposed by FIFA, as long as this lack of communication between 78 group with FIFA. "Maybe 78 or less open space group communication with FIFA. So that FIFA has not received complete information" said Toisutta.

However, Toisutta adding plans to open communication does not mean do not trust the process of communication that has been done previously Chairman of the Normalization Committee, Agum Gumelar to FIFA. "We are grateful for the efforts of the pack Agum. It may not be satisfactory, but do not blame Mr. Agum," said Toisutta.

Meanwhile, the same attitude also extended Will PSSI Vice Chairman, Arifin Panigoro stating its readiness to go forward. "This request angggota PSSI who nominate me. I think this is something that is honored to be asked together to take care of PSSI" said Arifin.

Arifin admitted that he had prepared various programs if ever he was elected to the post in the management of PSSI. "Changes in the organization, improvement of competition system, early childhood development, the application of sport science and quality timnasional" said Arifin.

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