Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunderland Manager Wrath Accused of Racist

Sunderland manager Steve Bruce was upset by allegations of racism from one of his players, Marcos Angeleri. Bruce said Angeleri never regarded his presence because he not coming from the England.

"The Boss (Bruce) did not want to talk to me, he do not greet me though was seeing me. I think he does not like me because I'm not English," said Angeleri originating from Argentina in an interview with ESPN Radio some time ago.

Bruce immediately denied this allegation disclose the fact there are 11 foreign players from nine player's different countries in the club her care. As a sign of the seriousness of the objection that, Bruce was even preparing a lawsuit on Angeleri.

"I am very upset. In the world today, nothing is more damaging than the allegations of another person if you were racist," said Bruce quoted in The Independent, Thursday, March 31, 2011.

"Of all the things blamed on me so far, it is the most painful accusation," said 50-year-old man.

Bruce also added that he had no problem with criticism that hit. It is considered part of the job as manager of Premier League clubs. As a good manager, Bruce also insisted he always look at things more from a player.

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