Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Supporters Reject Normalization Committee Composition

Football Supporters Association who are members of the SOS (Save Our Soccer) asked FIFA to immediately review its his decision within eight members appointed Normalisation Committee. SOS will immediately send its demands to FIFA via electronic mail.

SOS assess the appointment of members of the Committee of Normalization (KN) is not accompanied by basic consideration. Because the credibility and track record of KM by SOS members are still very far from expectations.

"The members of the Committee of Normalization, most do not have a good track record. These conditions threaten the transition PSSI revolution because it is not in the hands of the appropriate" said a spokesman for SOS, A. Widadi in front of the Office of PSSI, Senayan, Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

Widadi also accused some members of the KN indicated problematic. Among them there are even cases of corruption that involved budget, multiple positions, allowing owners of valid votes to the management of conflict of interest league that has not been recognized by FIFA.

"If the figure of its chairman, Mr. Agum, we agree, but our members the value of some problems and therefore need to be reviewed" says Widadi who are reluctant to specify the members are problematic.

According Widadi, demand is expected to be posted to FIFA as soon as possible through electronic mail. "If our demands were not heard, it seems there will be no significant change in the future development of SPIS" added Widadi.

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