Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Final Ticket, Gift Recover Abidal From Tumor

If you watch the second leg match between Barcelona against Real Madrid in Champions League semi-final, you must remember there is one player who was thrown into the air in Barca's victory match. Yes, he's Eric Abidal, Barcelona defender who had just recovered from a tumor and back down against Madrid, Tuesday, May 3, 2011 (WIB dawn Wednesday, May 4).

The game against El Real is a prime Abidal action since mid-March. French-born players should be sidelined for nearly two months for surgery and the recovery of liver tumors.

In the match against Madrid, New Abidal down in the 90th minute to replace Carlos Puyol. The entry of direct Abidal thunderous applause greeted 98 thousand fans who meet the Nou Camp.

Although no significant contribution in that game, a player who invaded Abidal's arms at the end of the match which ended with the passage of Barcelona to the Champions League final with aggregate 3-1. Colleagues Abidal Abidal even accidentally threw into the air as a form of celebration.

Solidarity for Abidal had been circulating since was sentenced the tumor on 15 March. Barca's mortal rivals, Real Madrid as even wanted to show it by wearing socks on Abidal support against Olympique Lyon in the Champions League round of 16.

However, the suggestion was rejected by the European Football Associations (UEFA). The highest authority in European football as a rule they were adamant that all kinds of slogans outside the football is not allowed. Players who wear threatened with fines.

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