Saturday, May 21, 2011

Juventus Firing Luigi Del Neri

Career coach Luigi Del Neri has been confirmed with Juventus expires. The news comes just immediate dismissal from the allenatore.

Del Neri said that in a press conference held at the headquarters of Juventus, Vinovo, Saturday, May 21, 2011. He admitted that last game against Napoli tomorrow as his last fight with the Old Lady.

"Juventus will replace the coach, they have told me about their decision. I hope anyone who comes will get the best and I hope will be the right decision, "said Del Neri.

"Is this the right decision? it's not my area. I work for a club and they are free to make a change if they want," he added.

Del Neri was appointed as coach of the Old Lady since May 19, 2010 after previous train Sampdoria. But the threatened collapse of Juventus performed in Europe Del Neri made ​​his career in Turin has to end.

Ex Juventus player Antonio Conte was reported as a substitute for Luigi Del Neri.

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