Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nova Arianto Suggested For Immediate Undergoing Operation

Persib Bandung Players, Nova Arianto recommended increased operating table to heal a knee injury. Although this suggestion came from the team physician, Dr. Rafi Ghani, Nova still has not decided whether he would undergo the operation.

"Yes, I really had to have surgery. But it seems to be postponed due to be discussed and consulted again after the opponent Persijap (Jepara)," Nova said as quoted by the official club website, Tuesday, May 3, 2011.

Although still in trouble with the knee, Vava -Nova greeting- can still appear to defend Persib. In fact, he followed the exercise with normal and will go down against Persijap on 7 May.

However, coach Daniel Roekito insisted that Vava can immediately increase the operating table. Therefore, there will be a serious risk when Vava continues to delay the healing of his knee.

"To match the opponent Persijap, Nova was able to play. But in fact he has not healed because they have operations. That is if Nova would like to continue his career as a player," said Daniel.

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