Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Persija 4-0 JFCF

Preparations continue to be done by a courtier Macan Kemayoran to face the next ISL match against SFC May 29 in Palembang. Various versions of exercise continue to be Rahmat Darmawan Coach in training sessions each day in order to finalize Gor Ciracas compactness, technique, and team strategy. In addition to exercise every day, Persija also held a trial, this time Persija get invited to the match held a friendship from the PT. ADI Nike, the opponents who Persija faced is a PT. ADI Nike football team namely JCFC.
Persija vs JCFC match was held at the Field corporate environment. PT ADI Nike in Legok Karawaci Tangerang, kick off starts at 16.00. The game runs less in balance, which JCFC is trying to balance the Persija game seen hassles following Persija style of play early in the first half more to the bait - a short feedback, and take advantage of the speed aliyudin on the front line of defense in striking JCFC.

Proven in 5 minutes early, Persija open excellence through the Makor kick in the JCFC penalty box area. Further more the game is controlled by Persija players, several times a chance to get, but because the field a bit muddy because rain before the match was held Persija difficult to do the game the best.

Despite the muddy field Persija continue to attack the JCFC wicket. The results, minutes 10th Aliyudin through header action to increase the Persija advantage to 2-0 for Persija superiority over JCFC.

Occasionally JCFC host team carried out the attack but the attack often can not penetrate Persija defense, which in the first half lead by the Precious. In fact Persija back through goals to increase the advantage created by M. Ilham from its action on the right side of Persija attack, and closed the game's first half 3-0 to Persija superiority over JCFC.
Second half Persija replace all the players who've played in the first half, this time Bambang Pamungkas and Greg Nwokolo be the leader in Persija line attack in the second half.

Greg individual action in the second half quite entertaining hundreds of spectators, mostly employees of companies who attended the afternoon match itu.The Jakmania present also in the match that afternoon, including the jak Karawaci, the jak Ciledug plus, visible from the attributes that apply.

Inthe second half, JCFC team looks more capable of playing disciplined, it is done for the goals that nesting is not much more than the first half. it is effective where in the second half Persija could only add one goal from the penalty spot by Bambang Pamungkas a close final score Persija 4 -  0 JCFC.

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