Sunday, May 1, 2011

Persituba - Persija

After completing the ISL game continued to entertain Persisam 2010/2011 Samarinda, 23 April and PKT Bontang, 27 April, Persija Jakarta back to plans do a friendly match in the province of Lampung, which this time will meet the invitation of the Persituba Tulang Bawang Team, Lampung on Monday , May 2, 2011 which will be played at the Tiuh Tohou Menggala Tulang Bawang Lampung Stadium, May 2, 2011, certainty persahabtan game itself delivered directly by Mr. Ferry as secretary of the Persija Jakarta team to the Jak Online since April 18 and according to information obtained from Jak Online, Jak Lampung colleagues that some billboards and banners that provide information on arrival Persija Jakarta to the Tulang Bawang Lampung has posted since 3 weeks ago in some corners of the region and the central city of Bandar Lampung with team photos Persija Jakarta with Persija manager Mr Hayanto Badjoeri complete with This game ticket sales information will the price Rp. 150.000 / sheet for the VIP tickets category, Class 1 Rp 100. 000 / sheet, Class II. 75.000 / sheet and Rp. 35.000 / sheet for grade 3.

Persija Jakarta itself after facing Bontang FC teams in the Manahan Solo stadium dated 27 April 2011 had returned to Jakarta the next day, April 28, and after a day off on April 29, 2011, Persija team has left for Jakarta to Lampung on Saturday, April 30, 2011 for preparing the invitation of friendly matches with teams Persituba Tulang Bawang on May 2, 2011 would be, where the team Persituba Tulang Bawang Lampung is a winner Porprov VI in 2010 as shown in the banners that have been posted in downtown Belfast today.

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