Thursday, May 19, 2011

Team Murcia 2-2 Real Madrid

Nueva Condomina Stadium presented a near full house for the benefit match between Real Madrid and Team Murcia organised in support of those affected by the Lorca earthquake, which caused nine mortal victims. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.
Team Murcia (coached by Jose Antonio Camacho) and Real Madrid did their best to entertain the crowd. Mourinho used regular starters such as Casillas, Ramos, Arbeloa and Ozil, as well as Castilla players like Pablo Gil and Mandi in his initial lineup. Murcia native Pedro Leon and Sergio Canales also played and were the most active Madridistas in the first half. Granero had the most chances on goal, but both his shots were saved by Andres. Toche had Team Murcia's clearest chance on the 25-minute mark, but sent the ball over the crossbar.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Pepe and youth teamer Carvajal came on after half-time and helped make the Whites' game more vertical. The first goal in the match came from a combination of passes between Benzema and Xabi Alonso, after which the French striker sent the ball into the back of the net from inside the box (48'). Team Murcia also worked hard for a strike and, five minutes later, managed to draw the score with an own goal from Pepe, who unfortunately defeated Dudek as he was trying to head out a cross by Aquino.

Team Murcia scored again through Meca, who headed in a free-kick in the 65th minute. Real Madrid responded swiftly: Pedro Leon served an excellent pass towards the box for Kaka, who then assisted Cristiano Ronaldo in the equaliser.

The final minutes of the game saw former Madridista, and current Real Madrid Team Delegate, Chendo wear the Real Madrid number '2' shirt and the captain's armband once more.
Formation of Two Team

Team Murcia : Andrés Fernández (Juanma Torrente 84'), Olivares (Adrián 57'), Robles (Gonzalo 63'), Botía (Josemi 90'), Mario Marín (Sebas 81'), Verza (Antonio M. 89'), Mariano (Urzaiz 56'), Tato, Mista (Lorca 43'), Dani Aquino (Alfredo 74'), Toché (Meca 62').
Ream Madrid : Casillas (Dudek 27') (Adán 61'), Albiol, Pablo Gil (Pepe 54'), Sergio Ramos (Carvajal 48'), Arbeloa (Ronaldo 59'), Canales, Granero (Xabi Alonso 49'), Mandi (Chendo 85'), Pedro León (Óscar Plano 69'), Özil (Kaka 46'), Adebayor (Benzema 46')

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