Monday, May 9, 2011

Van der Sar Inspires Australia Goalkeeper

Edwin van der Sar's appearance still attractive at the age of 40 years became the inspiration of Fulham goalkeeper from Australian, Mark Schwarzer who will also be age 40 next year.
Schwarzer who will track the 5 decades of his life in the next 17 months to decide to keep playing for Fulham until the season end of the Premier League 2012-2013. Number 1 Socceroos goalkeeper is called Van der Sar is 2 years older than she has inspired. Van der Sar from Dutch will retire at the end of this season, while Schwarzer not have intentions to follow.

"I've aged 38 and maybe I was at the end of his career. But, I will try my best to continue a career as long as possible, " Schwarzer told Sport.

"Van der Sar a great example and I really admire him. Seeing a player who still look great at high levels is very inspiring to me. Now, as long as I was fit I will continue to play,"said Schwarzer.

Arsenal had all expressed interest in Schwarzer. But, later the Gunners out the attack. For that, Schwarzer has vowed to continue his career at Craven Cottage.

Fulham had been thin on the relegation zone last month. But now, they began to secure themselves in the middle standings ahead of the game tonight against Liverpool.

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