Monday, June 20, 2011

18 Players''Stars''ISL Will Be Against Persipura in "Perang Bintang"

From the hundreds of players involved in the Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2010/2011 elected the 18 best players in the All Star team. They were selected from 64 candidates in the polls fans via SMS from 23 May to 19 June 2011.

Total fans who participated 7624.  AremaGoalkeeper, Kurnia Meiga won the most votes: 424 or favorite in the eyes of ISL fans.

They determine the two goalkeepers, six defenders and the middfielder, and four strikers. Later, the 18 players selected will play against the ISL champions this season 2010-/2011, View events in a game titled "Perang Bintang" at the Stadium Mandala, Jayapura, Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

"This is the second Star Wars in the implementation. Star Wars is a marker of the end of the ISL," said Director of PT Liga Indonesia, Joko Driyono a news conference in Jakarta, Monday, June 20, 2011.

"They are the best player version of ISL is assessed based on nine criteria. So the election was not arbitrary."

From the list released today, Arema dominate All Star by sending five players, the goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga, Purwaka Yudi, Zulkifli Sukur, Ahmad Bustomi and Yongki Aribowo. Yongki should not be elected, but he replaced Pelita Jaya striker, Safee Sali who must defend the Malaysian national team.

The next club players who contributed in this list are Srivijaya, Persib Bandung, Persija Jakarta, Persiba Balikpapan, Persisam Samarinda, Semen Padang and Pelita Jaya.

Here Line Up ISL All-Star 2011 :

1. Kurnia Meiga (Arema)
2. Ferry Rotinsulu (Sriwijaya FC)
3. Claudiano Alves (Sriwijaya FC)
4. Edi Hafid (Pelita Jaya)
5. Muhamad Roby (Persisam Samarinda)
6. Gunawan Dwi Cahyo (Sriwijaya FC)
7. David Pagbe (Semen Padang)
8. Purwaka Yudi (Arema)
9. M Nasuha (Persija Jakarta)
10. Zulkifli Syukur (Arema)
11. Ahmad Bustomi (Arema)
12. M Ridwan (Sriwijaya)
13. Miljan Radovic (Persib Bandung)
14. Ronald Fagundes (Persisam Samarinda)
15. Bambang Pamungkas (Persija Jakarta)
16. Cristian Gonzales (Persib Bandung)
17. Aldo Baretto (Persiba Balikpapan)
18. Yongki Aribowo (Arema)

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