Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Benzema Can Help Arsenal To Keep Nasri and Fabregas

In an effort to strengthen the team, even Arsenal are also facing the threat of an exodus of key players. To overcome the two things simultaneously, Karim Benzema figure believed to be the key.

Once again the Gunners finish the nirgelar season. This means that Arsenal have never again tasted championship since winning the FA Cup in 2005.

In order not to grow long title drought, Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has suggested his team would be more aggressive in the summer transfer market.

However, when the 'Vault Bullets' going to strengthen the squad, they are also facing the threat of departure of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

To overcome this, Theo Walcott has a solution. He suggested his team recruit great players to strengthen the team, where it shows the Arsenal ambition once this season and ultimately convince the other players, a case of Nasri and Fabregas, in order to survive.

"It's always fun to see additional new players to the squad but maybe one player will attract more players while making the other players to survive," he said in the Mirror.

"I've heard rumors about Karim Benzema (who played) at Real Madrid. Someone like him can help you maintain the best players, also makes the audience excited," Walcott continued advice.

Even so, British players do not want too tell Wenger in making a purchase. He knew very well that his manager had already had its own strategy.

"The manager knows what he is doing, depending on him alone. He has brought Thomas Vermaelen and we lose him (the injury) because he is a good recruits. The boss knows what he's doing and he said he'd much shopping, so this will be interesting," knot Walcott.

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