Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deltras 1-2 Persija

Persija managed to achieve perfect points, 3 points, while undergoing an away match against Deltras Sidoarjo, in Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Stadium. The early minutes of the first half of direct Persija launched an assault on an Deltras wicket while escorted Usman Pribadi goalkeeper. This is evident when the game has been running in 5 minutes early the first half, Persija had opened the scoring is scored by Greg Nwokolo through hard kick that can not be anticipated by Deltras goalkeeper, 0-1 to Persija superiority over the host Deltras Sidoarjo. Once these goals camp host kept trying to score against Persija, Deltras attack lead by trio Brazil, Marciou Souza, Danilo Fernandes and Cristiano Lopes, several times had trouble escorted by the defense, Precious, Ambrizal, M. Nasuha, and Ismed Sofyan. But thanks to the glories of Persija goalkeeper Hendro Kartiko still safe wicket until the 25th minute, but finally in the 26th minute Persija goal conceded from a white point scored by Cristiano Lopes, equally powerful score 1-1 which lasted until halftime.

Entering the second half, JAC lSport eadership highlights a few times Mulyadi referee issued a controversial decision. Entering minutes to 68, got a golden opportunity Danilo Fernando, but the again Hendro Kartiko alertness fail the opportunity to be a goal, Minutes to 72, Persija get the penalties that the penalties that got Persija first in the ISL title this season. As a result of violations committed Sutikno against Greg Nwokolo. This is where the controversy over the referee's decision Mulyadi, where after the breach, Sutikno instead of apologizing and wake Greg who fell instead to act improperly by hitting the back of Greg's neck, and may only be given a yellow card by referee. The penalty execution was completed with a cool by Agu who puts the ball in the middle position Deltras goalkeeper who had already taken a position left to guess the direction of the ball in, 2-1 to Persija. Not until there controversy over the referee's decision Mulyadi, when rewarded with a penalty dimenit Deltras back end, but no serious violations such diarea penalty. Still lucky Hendro Kartiko successful penalty fails the opportunity, and the final status of 1-2 to Persija victory.

Composition Player : 
Deltras Siduarjo : Utsman. P [GK], Sugiantoro, Zainuri (Dodok 39'), Mujib, Khoirul, Park (Viqi Dwi 65'), Anang Ma'ruf, Sutikno, Marcio, Cristiano 27'

Persija Jakarta : Hendro. K [GK], Precious, Ambrizal, Ismed. S, Nasuha (Leo. S 90'), Tony, Agus Indra, Makor, M. Ilham [Agu 60' (75')], Aliyudin, Greg 4'

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