Saturday, June 4, 2011

Persija 1-1 Semen Padang

Persija Jakarta failed to reap the full points for his guest Semen Padang in the party continued ISL 2010/2011 presented at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Thursday, May 2 after only capable of draw 1-1 through goals from Semen Padang scored by the player's who have backs number 7, Suheri Daud in the 22nd minute who escaped from the offside trap undertaken by Persija defender and faced with Persija goalkeeper, Hendro Kartiko so managed to score goals and change the position to be 1-0 for the benefits of Semen Padang and recompensed by the Persija goals scored by Greg Nwokolo at minute -31 bait that utilizes breakthrough from Agus Indra and successfully break into the Semen Padang defense although the shooting successful to denied by Semen Padang goalkeeper, Samsidar but the ball hit the Semen Padang defender and leads toward the Semen Padang wicket have not that was not awake Semen Padang Goalkeeper, Samsidar, the match itself was dominated by Persija well in the first half and second half better than the statistical control of the ball as well as the amount owned by Persija corner kick over Semen Padang in this match.

Shown without support some pillars players like Oliver Macor are called to strengthen the Liberian national team, Bambang Pamungkas affected by the accumulation of yellow cards and Syamsul Chairudin who suffered injury, Persija appeared dominant  by continually pressing Semen Padang via two midfielders Greg Nwokolo attacked and M. Ilham, while in front of the sector occupied by Agu Casmir and Aliyudin with the middle sector supported Agus Indra and Toni Sucipto, Persija continued to rule the 2 x 45 minute games, but some golden opportunities failing to put to good use Greg Nwokolo and Aliyudin plus a lack of leadership referee Setyono optimally in its function as a court on the ground because of some decisions that are considered detrimental to Persija. The result is of course disappointing for Persija because he had to be re-stuck in 3rd position with 42 points after earlier also "failed to win" when intertaining SFC in Palembang last week.

Composition Player :

Persija Jakarta : Hendro. K [GK], Ambrizal, Precious, Ismed. S, Leo Saputra, Tony, Agus Indra (Bayemi 64'), M. Ilham (Octavianus 83'), Greg, Agu Casmir, Aliyudin (R. Lestaluhu 69')

Semen Padang : Syamsidar [GK], Tommy Rifka, Hengki, David Pagbe, Park (Suparuddin 58'), Yu Hyun, Elie Aiboy (Dedi Hartono 78'), Mofu, Vizcarra, Saktiawan (Pahabol 69'), Suheri Daud

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