Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When Higuain 'be' Messi

Argentina coach, Sergio Batista prepare a precaution in case Lionel Messi will be sidelined. Gonzalo Higuain had tried to assume a role that usually run Messi.

Lionel Messi remains a Argentina central player in the Copa America next month. But Tango team is preparing for a possibility when Messi should miss.

In practice on Tuesday, June 6 local time, Batista positioned Gonzalo Higuain for occupy the position of Messi.

"This idea came to see who the player who could fill the place of Messi. We have players like Higuain typical number nine, but we trained him so that he not only operate in the area number nine players,"coach Sergio Batista was quoted as saying by Reuters.

"Yes indeed he (Higuain) will not be the same (with Messi) because both players had a different character. But I want all the players know how we should play when Messi's absence."

Diego Maradona's successor, said that the main formation which he would use is the 4-3-3. "Probably if required we also put a player liaison. But the idea is executed by considering who our opponent," he's straightforward.

With the status as the host, of course, demands for the Albiceleste to win the Copa America this year is big enough. What's been nearly two decades Tango team is not winning this event.

Argentina joined in Group A with Bolivia, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

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