Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Indonesia National Team Ready for Combat

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Two days before the fight was the second leg match against Turkmenistan in the Pre World Cup Asian zone 2014, Friman Utina et al in combat ready condition.

This was stated by the Physiotherapy National Team, Mathias Ibo accompany national team after practice at the Bung Karno Stadium, Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

"His condition is better than last game. 90 percent of the players ready for combat conditions," Ibo said.

Although some players are still having problems, but overall Ibo assess the national team players ready to perform. "Roby (problem) ankle a little, but there's no problem. All ready to be played including Irfan (Bachdim)," Ibo said.

"(Condition) Hamka has been good, had recovered and was able to play again. There is no special treatment," continued the Ibo.

Ibo was added two days ahead of the game, the share of training provided is not too heavy. It's for the players to maintain fitness and avoid injuries occur during training.

Meanwhile, assistant coach, Rahmat Darmawan adding it hoped the players can maintain physical fitness. "In general, all players are ready. Fitness player has improved, and hopefully can be maintained up to the match," said the ex Sriwijaya FC coach this.

Stay be carefull

Rahmad asked his players not to underestimate the strength of the Turkmenistan team. Especially in the first leg, the strength of the opposing team is not very visible in the first leg due to poor field.

"We will set up a game that must balance between defense and attack. Because of highly motivated opponent surprise in the field," said Rahmat.

"The opportunity take advantage of good field (in SUGBK) not only provides an advantage for us alone, opponents also have the opportunity to play well on a good pitch," said Rahmat.

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