Friday, July 29, 2011

Meeting Alfred Riedl - PSSI Today Clear

JAC Sport, Jakarta - The second meeting between the PSSI with ex Indonesia coach, Alfred Riedl was held void. Thus, there has not been any decision on the issue of termination of contract as national team coach Riedl.

Initially, PSSI and Riedl is scheduled to hold a second meeting this morning. This meeting is a continuation of the first meeting held yesterday (28 / 7). But Riedl did not attend the meeting.

"Riedl is not present, and not give the news. The ball is now in the hands Riedl. But this morning's meeting of the collective agreement," said Deputy Secretary General of PSSI, Tondo Widodo when contacted JAC Sport, Friday, July 29, 2011.

"But because Riedl is not present, then we will set a new meeting back again. When implemented, hopefully the general chairman already communicated with Riedl," continued Tondo.

Tondo explained, the decision should be issued by it in the second meeting this morning. Because according to Tondo, a new meeting just yesterday expressed the desire of each party.

"Actually we are trying to quickly take care of the Riedl contract. But the meeting yesterday discussed a new contract has been no decision," he added.

"The meeting yesterday to discuss the previous case (contract termination). We give each other explanations. Riedl said the remorse condition like this, PSSI also deplored like this," he said

Tondo also regretted the absence Riedl in the second meeting. "Whereas (meeting yesterday), a positive signal. And we hope to produce a decision that a win-win solution," he explained.

Previously, PSSI and Riedl has held a meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday, July 28, 2011. But both sides of the PSSI Riedl and claimed not to talk about contracts in the meeting.

According to Riedl, at a closed meeting that they only spoke on the condition of football lately. The same thing also conveyed by Exco member of PSSI, Bob Hippy. Both sides then agreed to meet again this morning. said.

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