Wednesday, July 13, 2011

'Sneijder to MU, Aguero to Man City'

Manchester United team and Manchester City, will be the arrival of two top players. Manchester United will bring Inter Milan's Dutch midfielder, Wesley Sneijder. While the City will welcome ex Atletico Madrid striker, Sergio Aguero, reports The Daily Mail, Sunday, July 10, 2011.

Manchester United became the strongest candidate to bring Sneijder from Inter with the bid at £ 35 million (more than Rp478 billion). However, the offer is accompanied by the persuasion that Sneijder would reduce his salary demands are reportedly reached £ 250,000 (Rp3, 4 billion) /week.

To get Sneijder, Manchester United only have to compete with clubs from Spain, Malaga. The latter club is now fat with cash after capital has a rich president from Qatar, Sheik Al-Thani. However, sources close at MU states if Malaga is not opposed to balanced to bring Sneijder.

Another with City, this club targeting Aguero came early in the season 2011-12. Aguero is a Diego Maradona's son who also planned to be a substitute Carlos Tevez to move to Italy or Spain. City reportedly ready to release money of £ 40 million (more than Rp546 billion) as the owner Aguero at Atletico.

Negotiations remain to be done even though City are still in the tour of the United States in preparation for 2011-12 season. If it works to bring Aguero, then he became the first player landed City in the transfer market this summer. The next player who became a targets of City is an Arsenal player, Samir Nasri.

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