Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Went to PSSI, Riedl Billed Compensation

Ex head of Indonesia's national team coach, Alfred Riedl came accompanied by Wolfgang Pikal to PSSI office in Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday, July 20, 2011. Their arrival was related to the demands of the settlement payment of compensation by the PSSI for removal from the position of coach.

However, only Pikal who delivered a letter to the PSSI. While Riedl reluctantly out of the vehicle he was climbed. He prefers to remain seated in his vehicle parked in the yard office PSSI.

"I delivered a letter from me to coach Riedl and PSSI. It's after a week of the announced (dismissal), and so far we have not received a dismissal slip," says Pikal in PSSI's office.

Pikal also confirmed his would complain to FIFA if it is within one week there is no clarity regarding the payment of compensation related to his contract until May 2012 Riedl.

"he (Riedl) requested within one week ahead there is clarity regarding the payment of compensation. If no answer, then there is no other option will submit it to FIFA," said Pikal.

However, the board of PSSI is currently not in place. So Pikal the just entrusted a letter to one of the PSSI employees. "Actually we wanted to solve this nicely. But, this is one week from the deadline has been no official statement from the new chairman," added Pikal.

Pikal also asserted that when the contract himself and Riedl is to PSSI, not to Nirwan Bakrie as disclosed PSSI chairman, Djohar Arifin. In fact, Pikal admitted giving a copy of the contract to an administrator of PSSI.

"Kop (PSSI in the contract) is there. The original contract Alfred Riedl has been submitted to the PSSI. But, Pikal private contracts held are given their own copies," says Pikal

"Chairman of the promised study the contract and will be completed soon. But, until now there has been no steps taken by the PSSI.'s Why we filed the letter," says Pikal.

How much compensation is required to PSSI Riedl and Pikal? "I can not mentioning the amount because it is confidential. But, no bonus, payment only after terminated his contract," he continued.

With conditions that he experienced, Pikal also revealed will think twice if there is a bid to train football in Indonesia. "I actually want, but with this I would think again. But the principle I am ready for the Red and White," says Pikal.

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