Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Important Points From PSSI Decision

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Since the PSSI management of change under the stewardship of Djohar Arifin Husein, there are some big decisions are produced. Among others, the turn of the new, U-23 national team coach, and the status of teams that will compete in the Super League Indonesia (LSI) 2011-12 season.

Although some pros and cons, the decision is still run today. If summarized, the following key points PSSI decisions under the new stewardship.

1. Remove Alfred Riedl from national team coach position
Riedl no longer responsible to train the Indonesian national team from Thursday, July 14, 2011. The dismissal was announced because the reasons is Riedl contracts by Djohar Arifin, are not contracts with the organization, but the contract personally. Riedl later changed the position of the Dutchman, Wim Rijsbergen.

2. Tri Goestoro so PSSI General Secretary
Before officially appointed to be Secretary General, the Tri name has become a strong candidate occupy that position. This is so true after the Tri officially became secretary-general PSSI per Thursday, July 14, 2011. As Wasekjen elected two persons, namely Hadiyandra and Tondo Widodo.

3. National Team for SEA Games pouring sponsors funds
SEA Games squad will certainly not lack of capital. Because, Irfan and his friends washed down 9 billion fund by five BUMN, Thursday, July 21, 2011.

4. U-23 AFF Cup was postponed
Above reasons the stadium is not ready, PSSI secretary general, Tri Goestoro declared performances AFF U23 Cup will be postponed until October 2011. This tournament should be held in September 2011.

5. Not include additional players for the 2014 World Cup
PSSI prefer to prioritize the 44 players who have registered since the beginning of the AFC. Indonesia is still possible to add some new players. But this step is not done because it will take some time to blend with the old players.

6. ISL begins October 8, 201
with all the participants are required to submit a document that contains five professional aspects including the deposit of Rp 5 billion

7. restriction player salaries Indonesia
After a workshop at Hotel Sahid, Jakarta, PSSI Competition Coordinator, Sihar Sitorus, convey the decision of local maximum salary for players is Rp500 million per season contract with a duration of at least three years.

8. Deposit Rp 5 billion to be reviewed
PSSI finally reviewing the amount of deposit required after receiving input from several clubs who objected to that amount.

9. Professional Club League participants are likely booming
The verification process is pegged PSSI make a lot of clubs outside the Premier League LSI and interested to join the Professional League. PSSI Secretary General Tri Goestoro reasoned, "If all able to escape, why should be limited."

10. Persema and Persibo suspension was revoked
Persema who have lost membership due to join the LPI finally 'forgiven' by the PSSI, Monday, August 15, 2011. This fate is also perceived Persibo that blowing the issue had the referee of bribery in 2010. Persema and Persibo are two of the five clubs who fired PSSI through Congress in Bali, in January 2011 then.

11. restriction player salaries is canceled
PSSI rectify previous decisions that limit the player salaries amounting to Rp500 million and a minimum three-year contract. PSSI now shifting to the club's decision.

12. LPI club not verified
PSSI chairman, Djohar Arifin Husin confirmed clubs from the Indonesia Premier League did not participate as potential participants verified the professional league next season. Verification is only for the team Indonesia Super League and First Division.

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