Monday, August 1, 2011

Indonesia National Team will against Malaysia and Australia

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Indonesia will host two friendly matches before appearing in the World Cup round III Pre (PPD) in 2014. In addition to the team against neighboring Malaysia, Firman Utina and his friends planned to be tested the strength of Australia.

This was disclosed by national team coordinator, Bob Hippy reporters when met at the offices of PSSI, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday, August 1, 2011. According to him, from the two countries, PSSI was still awaiting confirmation from the Australia.

"The first match was against Malaysia, which Singapore was defeated yesterday in qualifying round II. It is estimated that on 10 August," said Bob.

"Today was explored for against Australia. For though Australia got away, but a different group with us," he continued.

In the third round of Asian zone 2014 PPD, Indonesia joined in Group E along with Iran, Qatar and Bahrain. While the neighbor country, Malaysia has been eliminated in the second round after losing 4-6 on aggregate from Singapore.

While Australia are in Group D along with Saudi Arabia, Oman and Thailand. Bob explained, Malaysia and Australia was chosen as a Garuda sparring partner forces because the location is adjacent to Indonesia.

"But the match against Australia do not know when it will be held. We are still awaiting confirmation from the Australian side," Bob continued.

"There is no trial in the Middle East.'ll Lose a lot of practice time because of the travel spend time. So, I do not think it necessary," said Bob

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