Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Madrid Contract Boy 7 Year from Argentina

JAC Sport - Real Madrid sign Argentine boy of 7 years, Leonel Angel Coira. The boy born March 29, 2004 is believed to be 'The Next Lionel Messi'.

A spokesman for Real Madrid, Juan Tapiador, confirmed Los Blancos already long enough to observation Coira. In addition to Madrid's interest, the Associated Press preach Coira also interested rivals, Atletico Madrid.

Tapiador confirmed officially Coira signed last week and will begin practicing with the junior team of Madrid on 6 September. However, he declined to disclose the Coira contract. To be sure Coira is not the youngest player ever contracted El Merengues.

Coira's father, Miguel, is a football coach in Argentina. Miguel admitted his son talent has been seen since childhood. "He played very well. The best thing is, he plays with great pleasure. He plays with older people and make a difference in the team," said Miguel.

Coira itself, in an interview with Ole, said he is idolized Barcelona star from Argentine Lionel Messi. Coira which has a name similar to Messi insists, "I'd rather to feed than scored goals."

Miguel confirmed that Coira idolized Messi. In fact, Miguel admitted Coira never miss a El Clasico match between Real Madrid against Barcelona.

Miguel already has a child that a career in Spain with Valladolid junior team. From an early age, Miguel has given the science of football to Coira and his brother.

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