Saturday, August 6, 2011

Opponent Indonesia, North Korea stilt Rates Rp1, 2 Billion

JAC Sport, Jakarta - PSSI will likely write off North Korea as a rival candidate's senior national team World Cup Pre projections (PPD) in 2014. The decision was taken following the required amount of match fee for participants are the 2010 World Cup.

"North Korea is currently not included in the count (to be opposed to Indonesia national team trials), because the fee they ask for very large," said Secretary General of PSSI, Tri Goestoro in the PSSI office, Friday, August 5, 2011.

North Korea, Tri said, asking for payment of 150 thousand dollars, or Rp 1.2 billion dollars to stage a match in Indonesia. That's what's considered quite burdensome for the PSSI.

North Korea also asked a number of amenities like a five star hotel accommodation as well as business and economy class flights.

Indonenesia national team is so far still have trouble finding opponents sparring practice. Earlier, Malaysia canceled trials are supposed to compete against Indonesia on 14 August.

National team coordinator, Bob Hippi this afternoon admitted diverting purpose test match and chose New Zealand as opposed to the practice match the Firman Utina cs.

"We are working with the New Zealand trials, and communication with Frank van Hattum (PSSI chairman of New Zealand) have been opened," said Bob.

Meanwhile, plans to hold a trial against the Australian national team has not got a certainty. Because until now, there has been no confirmation from the Australian side.

Bob said Indonesia national team was hoping to get immediate certainty opponent get 2 free trial. This is because Indonesia will face Iran in Qualifying Round III, PPD 2014, 2 September.

The plan, if the opponent does not get match practice of another national team, PSSI choose to hold trial match against local teams.

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