Monday, August 22, 2011

Opponents Spurs, Nani Remembering Controversial Goal

JAC Sport, Manchester - MU Winger, Nani never get a critique from his goal against Tottenham Hotspur last season. Nani scored a controversial goal against Spurs and Manchester United win with score 2-0 at Old Trafford Stadium.

Controversial goal came when goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes, think Nani did handball in the penalty box area. Then, Gomes immediately catch the ball. Then, Gomes thinks getting a free kick. When Gomes put the ball on the ground, the ball immediately and directly stolen by Nani scored the Spurs goal and the referee endorse these goals.

Nani berasalasan that time he had to catch the ball because he violated in the penalty box. However, when the referee had seen the keeper caught the ball and ready to continue the game (see the goal in here).

"I saw the referee opens his arms, that means the game goes on," Nani said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

"It was the strangest goals. Many people are angry over the goal, but I'm smart because I understand the game," he explained.

According to Nani, something like that was not his fault. "Goalkeepers have been putting the ball on the ground and take two steps back. And I saw the referee says 'Yes, all right', I immediately took the ball quickly and scored. It's not my fault," said Nani.

While MU manager, Sir Alex Ferguson hopes the controversy that occurred goals last season is not expected to recur. "For the health of Harry Redknapp (Tottenham manager), I hope this kind of controversial goal does not happen because I saw him jumping up and down and frustrated," Ferguson hoped.

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