Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ramang, Maradona Indonesia

JAC Sport, Jakarta - The Asian Tigers had even been carried by the Merah Putih Team in 50s era. And one of the important actors in the era of the triumph of the national team is Ramang.

Ramang is a player who was raised by PSM Makassar. Ramang successfully put Juku Eja won the union in the era of the 1950s. With his ability, Ramang also become the backbone of the team at that time.

According to the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Andi Mallarangeng, Ramang not only successful achievement with PSM. But more than that, Ramang is an inspiration for Makassar kids who play soccer.

"In the past, when Makassar kids play ball, they always play and dream as if Ramang," said Andi in the event launching the book 'Ramang, Tiger Ball', in his office, Senayan, Tuesday.

'Ramang, Tigers Ball' was written by Abu Bakar M Dahlan. Thick as 512 pages in this book tells the story of Ramang during a soccer player.

Former national team player, Henkie C Timisela who attended the launching ceremony admitted impressed with the ability Ramang in scoring. The ex Persib player was then told the greatness Ramang when Caps.

According Henkie, in the era of 1954, PSSI is almost capable of sweeping all opponents faced when touring to Asia. "Amazingly, from 25 goals Indonesia national team, 19 of which were born from the Ramang feet," said Henkie.

As a striker, Ramang known as thirsty goals. In addition to a speed, Ramang also have a hard enough kick. One more Ramang talent which is a natural talent is his ability to kick salto.

This attraction ever showed while Indonesia beat China 2-0 ahead of World Cup 1958. In this duel, Ramang scored two goals in which one of them born from salto kick that Ramang typical.

Thanks to Ramang, Indonesia was then entered in force to reckon with in Asia and made ​​a lot of European clubs curious. One by one European teams tested the strength of the national team. Starting from Yugoslavia, Stade de Reims, the Russian goalkeeper Lev Jashin to Locomotive with a deadly shooter Bubukin.

Ramang ended his career in 1968 at the age of 40 years. After hanging up his boots, Ramang continue his career as a coach until he breathed his last 26 September 1987 due to illness.

"If in Europe there Mourinho who dubbed 'Special One', then in Indonesia worth Ramang pinned to the Special One," said Ramang teammate in Indonesia national team, Harry Tjong.

"Until now there is no Indonesian player who could replace her figure. He's like the Maradona of Argentina, that his talent is a blessing and gift from Allah," said Harry added.

Harry also hoped the story of the Ramang was lifted became pelecut spirit of the Indonesian national team achievement in the international arena. Moreover, Indonesia is currently struggling escaped III Qualifying Round of the 2014 World Cup.

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