Monday, August 22, 2011

The shot dissolves voice Football Game

JAC Sport, Torreon - This happened in Mexico, a country in America Latin that also produce a lot of world-class footballer. A football match broke up because of gunfire sounded from the balcony of the audience. Local police said that the shots came from an armed group linked drug cartel.

Luckily, no casualties caused by the incident.

Shooting incident took place amid Mexico's local club match between Santos Laguna against Monarcas Morelia. When the game has been running for 40 minutes, heard gunshots from outside from the Corona Stadium. The stadium is located in the city of Torreon, Mexico.

As a result, all the players to escape out of the field. Not only the players, spectators numbered in the thousands also poured out of the stadium.

Torreon is a city in Mexico which is currently being churned. Not only is the game of football, before baseball was also halted due to a similar attack.

see the video in here

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