Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hamka Hamzah Leave Persipura

JAC Sport, Jayapura - The new news came from Jayapura, Papua. Indonesia national team and Persipura Jayapura defender, Hamka Hamzah certainly leave the Persipura Jayapura this season.

Rumors about removals Hamka actually has emerged since the last few weeks. Indonesia national team defender reportedly became the target of Indonesia's top two clubs, Arema Indonesia and Sriwijaya FC.

Certainty departure disclosed Hamka Persipura manager, Rudy Maswi. Hamka, Rudy acknowledged, was saying farewell to the management team of the Mutiara Hitam. However, Rudy can not be sure which club will be Hamka defended this season.

"Yes, he (Hamka) has said to the management to seek a new atmosphere. But, certainly where there has been no further notice. I think we can not preclude the desire for players to move, as long as it conforms to the mechanisms and rules," said Rudy.

Management Persipura actually still want to retain the ex Persija Jakarta and Persisam Samarinda defender. Moreover Hamka contract with Persipura remains one season.

"He's a new season here, so we actually still need his strength one more season, especially against the Asian Champions League this season. But, his desire would not be our block. We still have plenty of stock of young players, even in accordance with the wishes of the coach, "he said.

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