Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MU & City Mighty in Local, sluggish in Europe

JAC Sport, Eourope - Mighty in the domestic arena, the doldrums on the European scene. That being experienced duo club from Manchester, England, Manchester United and Manchester City.

MU will likely win easily at home at Old Trafford when against Basel in Champions League Group D continued on Wednesday, September 28, 2011, when Danny Welbeck scored two goals after just running 17 minutes. However, conditions have changed 180 degrees in the second half.

Basel, who had never won in seven trips to Britain, was able to reverse the situation through Fabian Frei and two goals from Alexander Frei. Luckily, Ashley Young is able to save the MU face through his goal during injury time equalizer.

These results make the MU has not won a victory in the Champions League this season after previously draw 1-1 when against Benfica. A poor result for a club capable of reaching three Champions League final in four years.

Poorer outcomes experienced by local rivals Manchester United, Manchester City. Debutants in the Champions League Bayern Munich were defeated 0-2 in a match that took place at the Allianz Arena. City defeat compounded by the conflict between the manager Roberto Mancini with City striker, Carlos Tevez.

Tevez, Mancini acknowledged, reluctant to play when City asked to replace Samir Nasri in the second half. The charge later denied by the Argentine international striker.

Ironic if you see the results of the Manchester duo on the stage of the Champions League so far. The reason, both MU and City was in power in the domestic arena by sharing the top of the Premier League standings. MU and City not defeat from six matches.

The situation experienced by MU clearly worse than the City. The reason the Red Devils is a Champions League subscription and have felt the title three times, last in 2008. Wayne Rooney and his friends even successfully stepped into the finals three times in four years.

While the City is a debutant in the Champions League this season. This is the first time in the history of the club based at Eastlands was featured in the Champions League.

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson himself tried to calm down over the first two games badly in the Champions League. Sir Alex did admit defenses off guard in the second half, but the Scottish manager no emotion as usual when Manchester United took a bad outcome.

After the game Sir Alex claimed not to issue a 'hairdryer treatment' or yelling to his players. Even Sir Alex still had time to develop a smile while shaking hands with Basel coach, Thorsten Fink, after the game.

'Hairdryer treatment' is the term given to British media on Sir Alex in the habit of scolding players. Usually 69-year manager yelled so hard that his breath blowing dry your hair a player who is still wet with sweat after the game.

"Hasil ini positif karena terjadi di awal musim dan bukan terakhir. Saya pikir ini alarm yang membangunkan kami. Kebobolan tiga gol di kandang. Anda harus lebih baik dalam hal konsentrasi. Jika Anda santai di Liga Champions, Anda bisa menderita," papar Sir Alex seperti yang dilansir Reuters.

Sir Alex sepertinya masih memberi maaf bagi anak asuhnya yang melakukan kesalahan, namun arsitek yang sudah berada di Old Trafford sejak 1986 itu tidak ingin kesalahan yang sama kembali terulang. Jika tidak, Sir Alex siap mengeluarkan 'hairdryer treatment' khas dirinya kepada pemain.

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