Monday, October 3, 2011

Jakmania Threatens Boycott Persija Version PSSI

JAC Sport, Jakarta - Around 200 Persija's supporters came to PSSI's office this afternoon in the door of the X-XI Bung Karno Stadium, Senayan. They protested the PSSI's decision to win the group Hadi Basalamah and Bambang Sucipto owner of PT Persija Jaya and removing Persija ownership from the hands of previous owners, Fery Paulus.

Hundreds Jakmania from various communities, such as Jak Kaskus, Jak Online, Orange Street Boys, Jak Office, Jak Boys, and Jak Campus is also in his speech threatened to boycott all forms of activities Persija under new management, stronghold Basalamah and Bambang Hadi Sucipto.

Action, according to coordinator of the action, Dicky Sumarno, not separated from the manifestation of Jakmania's concern about the fate of the players Persija currently has contracted for three years by Fery Paulus camp. As is known, Persija version Fery has binding contracts with the players Persija, such as Bambang Pamungkas, Ismed Sofyan, and Robertino Pugliara.

"We will boycott any form of Persija's activity during the run LPI people (Premier League Indonesia). Persija not the LPI club. Persija is Bambang Pamungkas and friends Persija. Basalamah Hadi was not hers," said Dicky in PSSI's office on Monday, 3 October 2011.

According to Dicky, worries about the fate of the Persija's players today is the impact of the news that says if the Persija owner who won PSSI will get rid of old players and make the players who played in Jakarta FC in LPI as the strength of Persija team next season.

In a rally that lasted no more than an hour, Jakmania asked PSSI to not justify any means to save the LPI club is the brainchild Arifin Panigoro. In the case of Persija dualism, Persija supporters deliberately assess PSSI won Hadi stronghold to save Jakarta FC.

"The decision PSSI did not fit the logic. How Persija Bambang ratings are only 11 points to beat Fery Persija who have 90 points," said Dicky Sumarno before disperse the crowd of PSSI's office because officials ignored the football in this country.

In the action entitled 'Save Our Persija', hundreds of peaceful protest Jakmania which runs in front of the PSSI also garner support for Fery signature in order to re-gain his rights as the legitimate Persija's caretaker.

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