Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mourinho: This Real Benzema

JAC Sport, Madrid - Karim Benzema is given much praise by his coach at Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho. The development of French striker game now makes entrenador Portuguese nationality could always smiling broadly.

It is undeniable that Benzema has now become one of the mainstay players in Madrid. Although often lowered alternately with Gonzalo Higuain, but he always could make a major contribution to the team when it was entrusted.

Mourinho himself admitted that his side had been greatly developed. Known when the new joined Madrid in 2010 and then by transfer costs reached 35 million euros, bloody Algerian players had trouble making the adaptation.

When that Benzema is more often fill the bench and at the same time the French team also began to put aside the name of the player who used to strengthen the Olympique Lyon. In fact, had also appeared the news that Los Blancos, dubbed Madrid, would take it off to another club.

"I think Benzema have made progress in all aspects. Now he's become stronger both physically and metal," Mourinho said in an interview with Telefoot, Sunday, November 13, 2011.

"Now he's a better understanding of the game. We know how he is as penyarang, but Benzema is now also growing rapidly in the last," continued the former Inter Milan pembesut it.

Throughout this season, Benzema has contributed six goals for Madrid in nine appearances. That is very different to his goal in the season premiere in which only scored eight goals from 27 appearances. (sources : and

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