Thursday, November 3, 2011

National team Prepare 8 kicker penalty

JAC Sport, Jakarta - U-23 Indonesia National coach , Rahmad Darmawan, claimed to have had the names of the executor penalty kick and free kick in his team. However, the RD did not want to divulge this to the media.

"We have some alternative players for free kick from the right leg and left foot. There are about eight players," said RD in C Field, Senayan, on Friday morning, November 4, 2011.

"So it's not necessarily that we prepare, he will play. So later on who's playing, he will take. But we know who the strong right foot, left foot," continued the ex coach Persija.

Related penalty kick, in some recent test match, RD always choose Patrik Wanggai as the main executor of his team. However, the RD did not want to divulge when asked who the main executioner his team at the SEA Games match-game later.

"The issue of a penalty of some test-testing yesterday's picture."

Meanwhile, U-23 national team itself change the training schedule today. Initially, Garuda Youth squad workout scheduled for two times in the morning and afternoon. However, the second practice eliminated because Titus Bonai and his friends will pay a visit to an orphanage.

"Later during our not practice. Let's change the program. We are today a training session, the afternoon we visited a place in Cibubur," complete RD.

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